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With ZeenahPay, you can make instant payouts to your employees, customers, or suppliers across the world, using their preferred payment method

Featured payout methods
Currency swap

Instant Payout

Send cross-border payouts within minutes, not days.
Your beneficiaries can swiftly receive funds through
their preferred methods: banks, wallets, gift cards,
cryptocurrency, and more.

  • Make international payments to your staff, suppliers, freelancers, or subsidiaries.
  • Choose from 2000+ payment methods for your recipients.
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Settle Global Expenses

With ZeenahPay, you can effortlessly pay utility bills in 80+ countries,
allowing you to concentrate on managing your business.

  • Cover VAT, electricity, internet, cable, fees, and all utility expenses for your subsidiaries or team
  • Get notified when bills are due.

Global Payout for Businesses

Send Payouts across the world, in minutes.

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Send or schedule payouts to your recipient's bank accounts, in over 80 countries of the world, via API or dashboard.

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Send single or mass payouts to over 100 digital wallets, globally.

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Send giftcards to your users across the world. Visa, MasterCard, AstroPay, and over 10k giftcards available

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Corporate Cards for your Employees

Issue corporate and gift cards to your employees that work globally

  • Prepaid corporate cards that work globally.
  • Non-Reloadable MasterCard/Visa gift cards that can be used globally
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Bid farewell to expensive and sluggish payout systems

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